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NDAA Passes House Armed Services Committee

30 Apr 2015

WASHINGTON— The House Armed Services Committee today passed H.R. 1735, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for 2016 by a vote of 60-2. Details of the bill can be found here. The committee deliberated throughout the evening Wednesday and cast its vote this morning at approximately 4:30 AM EDT. Rep. Rob Bishop (UT-01), a senior Member of the Committee, voted in favor of the annual defense ... READ MORE

Bishop Votes for Hill AFB Construction Funding

30 Apr 2015

WASHINGTON— Today the House voted on H.R. 2029 which allows for the funding of a hangar and a flight simulator for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter at Hill Air Force Base. This bill also calls for the funding of storage facilities to safely house munitions and other critical items at the base. The passage of this bill will provide $38.4 million for HAFB. Representative Rob Bishop offered the followin... READ MORE