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Rep. Roscoe Bartlett Urges Americans to Celebrate Constitution Day

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Washington, September 17, 2010 -

Rep. Roscoe Bartlett Urges Americans to Celebrate Constitution Day


Congressman Roscoe Bartlett (R-6-MD) today urged Americans, and especially young people and their parents and teachers, to celebrate the anniversary of the United States Constitution on Constitution Day on September, 17.  Congressman Bartlett said, “Americans will keep our freedom and liberty if we take time to understand how these precious rights are protected by our Constitution.”

            In September of 1787, the streets of Philadelphia were abuzz with excitement.  A group of the nation’s top minds led by Revolutionary War hero, George Washington, had assembled to discuss the ways in which the original rules for the national government, the Articles of Confederation, might be amended to improve commerce.  The details of these meetings were kept secret, but it was soon clear that something much larger was going on.  When their work was finished, the delegates of the Constitutional Convention unveiled their product.  A woman in the crowd asked “What have you given us?” The oldest delegate, Benjamin Franklin, replied “A republic, Madam, if you can keep it.”

Congressman Roscoe Bartlett said: “It’s important to remember the beginning of our Constitution to understand how we got to where we are today. Every day, the United States continues to set the world record for the longest lasting constitutional republic. Our Constitution is what guarantees that the government of the United States of America is based upon the Rule of Law. Originally, the colonists left Europe to escape two things: tyranny of the crown and tyranny of religion. Once they were here, they found that tyranny of the crown still existed and the Revolutionary War was fought. Our Constitution was designed to protect American citizens from a government that could inflict either of these two things. Our Constitution guarantees certain unalienable rights to American citizens that have enabled us to develop from thirteen colonies into the land of opportunity and home of the free that we are now known for today.”

Congressman Bartlett concluded, “Each year, Constitution Day – the 17th of September –is a terrific opportunity for Americans to reflect on how this remarkable document secures the freedoms and liberty that we are privileged to enjoy.  In order to rise to Ben Franklin’s challenge, every American has a responsibility to keep our republic alive and thriving by holding our federal elected officials accountable for upholding the Rule of Law in our Constitution.”

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