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Border Security and Immigration

Before we can begin to address the issue of illegal immigration, it is essential that, as a sovereign country, we have complete operational control of our borders in both the South and the North.


Public Lands and Border Security

Overview: Some of the most dangerous areas along the southern border are 20.7 million + acres of Department of Interior (DOI) and U.S. Forest Service (FS) land. Because these areas are remote, mostly uninhabited and are less frequently patrolled, this federal land has become a prime target for criminals and those illegally attempting to cross the border into the United States.


Legislation:  (H.R. 2398)- The National Security and Federal Lands Protection Act


GRAPHICS: [map of federal lands on southern border] [ # of illegal entries on southern border sector] [trash left in wilderness by drug smugglers]

More on Border Security and Immigration

February 26, 2019 Press Release
I voted against this resolution because it does nothing to solve the issue of border security or properly limit executive overreach. Bringing this vote to the floor is nothing more than a political stunt.
June 18, 2013 Press Release
WASHINGTON–Congressman Rob Bishop (UT-01), Chairman of the House Natural Resources Public Lands and Environmental Regulation Subcommittee, today introduced the National Security and Federal Lands Protection Act (H.R. 2398), which will address some of the current problems plaguing U.S. border security efforts. The bill specifically examines the role that federal land policies play in aiding drug trafficking and human smuggling into the U.S. 
June 19, 2012 Press Release
WASHINGTON–Today, the House of Representatives approved a legislative package of 14 bills, which included the National Security and Federal Lands Protection Act, authored by Congressman Rob Bishop (UT-01). The National Security and Federal Lands Protection Act addresses the U.S. Border Patrol's longstanding need to have greater access to some of the most highly trafficked areas within the border region, especially along the southern U.S.-Mexico border. 
June 19, 2012 Press Release
WASHINGTON— An amendment offered by Congressman Rob Bishop (UT-01) to modify the language of the National Security and Federal Lands Protection Act passed the House. These changes will be applied to existing text of the bill, which is currently among those included in the 14-bill package to be voted on in the House later today.
June 19, 2012 Op-Ed and Speech
By Rep. Rob Bishop (R-Utah) view the online version, which appeared in The Hill Most Americans agree that as a sovereign nation we should have a safe and secure border, both in the north with Canada and in the south with Mexico. While we have made strides over the past 10 years to improve security, serious vulnerabilities remain.
June 14, 2012 Press Release
WASHINGTON–Next week, the House of Representatives will consider the Conservation and Economic Growth Act, a package of 14 Natural Resources Committee bills.  Among the bills included in the package is the National Security and Federal Lands Protection Act [H.R. 1505], sponsored by National Parks, Forests, and Public Lands Subcommittee Chairman Rob Bishop (UT-01).
May 22, 2012 Article
Meth bust may be biggest in Utah's history By Erin Alberty The Salt Lake Tribune May 22, 2012 Federal agents seized more than 56 pounds of methamphetamine Sunday night in what investigators believe is the largest meth bust in Utah's history. The drugs were found about 10 p.m. Sunday in a car in Salt Lake County as part of a yearlong investigation of Mexico's Sinaloa cartel, said Sue Thomas, spokeswoman for the Drug Enforcement Agency.
May 16, 2012 Article
Guest column by CORY SWANSON  Congressman Denny Rehberg, R-Mont., has taken some heat over his support of H.R. 1505, a bill that strengthens America's ability to protect itself by securing our borders against illegal aliens, drug and human traffickers, and terrorists. Rehberg's opponents have conjured up a bunch of false attacks that this bill will cut off hunters from public lands, even though Rehberg has specifically ensured the bill contains language preventing closures to hunter access.
May 9, 2012 Article
"This clearly illustrates that the BLM recognizes that public lands are overrun with criminal activity, and as a result, the land is suffering severe environmental degradation.  While bringing in law enforcement rangers is a well-intentioned effort, the best long term solution must be one that allows U.S. Border Patrol agents to have a greater routine presence on our federal lands.  They must be able to apprehend and deter criminals on all areas throughout the border region. This is key to our overall efforts to achieve and maintain total operational control of our borders.