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GOP launches states' rights task force

May 19, 2010
In The News

By Robert Moon
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Republicans have formed a coalition to restore and defend the 10th amendment against non-stop federal intrusions and interference in state affairs. They started the task force in response to the "public outcry over the concentration of power and the one-size-fits-all solutions from Washington."

Their goal: To usher in a "new era of federalism"

The 10 co-founding members include John Culberson of Texas, Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, Tom McClintock of California and others.

In a recent press release, they explained:

    More than ever, Americans are expressing frustration at having important facets of their lives controlled by a government that is out of reach and out of touch...Among other things, the task force will focus on educating Congress and the public about federalism, elevating federalism as a core Republican focus and monitoring threats to 10th Amendment principles.

As I have noted, the 10th Amendment is the part of the Constitution that makes most of the things liberals push for blatantly illegal. It strictly forbids the federal government from involving itself in anything not expressly spelled out in the Constitution as a federal matter and defers almost all of the power in this country to the state and local levels.

This matters because localized power gives the individual maximum control over his own life and community--something liberals are absolutely terrified of as self-reliance and personal responsibility eliminate the need for the nanny state.