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Rep. King: On Constitution Day, Celebrate the Inclusion of the Tenth Amendment

September 17, 2010
In The News
Congressman Steve King (R-IA), a member of the 10th Amendment Task Force, today issued the following statement commemorating the 223rd anniversary of the signing of the United States Constitution by delegates to the Constitutional Convention. Constitution Day occurs on September 17th, marking the anniversary of the day in 1787 that 39 delegates to the Constitutional Convention signed the document that both established the framework of American government and also secured the basic, God-given rights that Americans enjoy.

"Our Founding Fathers who drafted the United States Constitution were brilliant men who understood the threat posed to individual liberties by a large and intrusive federal government,"
said King. "One of the ways the Founding Fathers sought to limit the power of the federal government was by reserving powers to the individual states, and to the people themselves, at the expense of a national government that would otherwise inappropriately claim them. The inclusion of the Tenth Amendment in the Bill of Rights was a means by which our Founding Fathers intended to stop the destructive reach of a growing federal government."

"Events occurring on September 17, 2010, underscore the importance of the Tenth Amendment. Today's federal government has become so brazen that it claims the ability to penalize Americans for failing to purchase government approved health insurance, a power the Constitution's drafters never sanctioned. It is the Tenth Amendment that stands in the way of these kinds of attempted power grabs by the federal government, and as Americans celebrate the anniversary of the Constitution's signing they should also celebrate the inclusion of this important protection against government overreach."