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States Rights Constitutional task force launched by Republicans

May 19, 2010
In The News
Martha R. Gore
Washington Examiner
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States Rights is the focus of  Republican conservatives who have launched a task force to study the power in the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

According to Roll Call on May 4, 2010, the group will look at ways to restore power that has been siphoned away from the states by the Federal government.

Rep. Bob Bishop (R-Utah), "It doesn't mean cutting programs, it just means taking them out of federal control. It just means taking them out of Federal control. It is not just about shrinking the size of government, it is about increasing the number of options and choices people have, on the state level.

The recent passage of Arizona Senate Bill 1070  has put focus on the issue of states rights and limits on federal power.  According to Republican Study Committee Chairman Tom Price,(GA), the groups goal will be to restore balance" between the states and the Federal government.

An example cited was the issue of gay marriage which Republicans prefer to see voters in the states address the issue rather than the courts.

Members of the task force include:

Rep. Rob Bishop (Utah)

Rep. Marshal Blackburn (Tennessee)

Rep. John Chaffetz (Utah)

Rep. Mike Conway (Texas)

Rep. John Culberson (Texas)

Rep. Scott Garrett (New Jersey)

Rep. Doug Lamborn (Colorado)

Rep. Cynthia Lummis (Wyoming)

Rep. Tom McClintock (California)

Rep. Randy Neugebauer (Texas)

Rep. Tom Price (Georgia)