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What They’re Saying About the “War on Western Jobs”

October 6, 2010
In The News   "The Western Caucuses' report spells out what needs to be addressed to get the American West back on the path to prosperity." 10/04/10   "The economic track record of the current administration and Congress is not a good one. Unemployment remains stubbornly high at nearly 10 percent, and many believe federal missteps prolonged the recession and are weakening the recovery. While things like ill-advised spending, Obamacare, and looming tax hikes are doing damage nationwide, a number of other federal measures have particularly burdened the American West, the region suffering with the highest unemployment rate in the country. The Senate and House Western Caucuses' recent study, ‘The War on Western Jobs,' documents the host of environmental policies that have targeted the sectors crucial to the economies of Western states — especially energy production but also mining, logging, farming, and ranching." 10/04/10

Washington Examiner: "There's a lot of reasons that job numbers are flagging in the West, but the purpose of the report is to identify the ways which Washington, D.C.  is exacerbating the situation." 09/30/10

Mother Nature Network (MNN):  "The group [Western Caucus] recently unveiled its new report entitled ‘The War on Western Jobs Report.'  The report takes direct aim at the administration. Almost all of the group's grievances deal with energy and land use." 10/04/10

click here to view or download the Western Caucus' "War on Western Jobs" report