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Tribute to the Flag

June 14, 2013
Op-Ed and Speech
The following tribute to the Flag of the United States of American was delivered this week by Congressman (Dr.) Brad Wenstrup. Congressman Bishop wanted to share it in recognition of Flag Day.

Dr. Brad Wenstrup
There are things that we do in our lives
Each and every day that become so routine.
There are things that become extremely rote
As we go about them,
And often that includes our Pledge of Allegiance.
Today, as we pledge our loyalty to this flag,
Think about what she has stood for,
Think about where she has been.
From the home of Betsy Ross,
To the streets of Concord,
To the fields of Gettysburg.
From the rocks of Iwo Jima,
To the jungles of Hanoi,
To the deserts of the Middle East.
She has stood in your front yards,
And she has stood on the moon.
She has been sadly placed over coffins,
And proudly raised at the Olympics.
She is posted on the sides of humanitarian aid packages.
She flies through the air.
She sails across the seas.
She marches over the land.
She has stood for freedom in places around the world,
Until freedom could stand,
On its own two feet.
Evildoers have feared her,
Those in need have prayed for her arrival.
She has stood for exceptionalism,
And for that we do not apologize.
With your hand over your heart,
Please join me as, I Pledge Allegiance...