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Bishop Celebrates NDAA Committee Passage

May 10, 2018
Press Release

WASHINGTON – The House Armed Services Committee has approved the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for fiscal year 2019. As a senior member of the Committee, Rep. Bishop voted for the NDAA. Bishop offered the following statement:

“This year’s NDAA reflects Congress’s continued commitment to uphold the Constitution and provide for the common defense. This bill also recognizes Utah’s important national security role. The strength of our military is once again a priority for the administration, and the Armed Services Committee is right to pass an NDAA that shares that priority.”


  • A Bishop provision in the bill streamlines the process by which the Department of Defense uses public lands in the west on existing military test and training ranges, saving the Pentagon millions of dollars each year in readiness funds by eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy currently required to have military leases renewed. The military will no longer have to undertake expensive 25-year environmental reviews for the Department of Interior to renew the military’s leases on public lands in order for our troops to be able to continue to train to fight and defend our nation.
  • Included in the bill a Bishop provision transferring approximately 80 acres of surplus U.S. Forest Service Land in the Wasatch-Cache National Forest near Bear Lake to the Utah State University Space Dynamics Laboratory (SDL) so that SDL may continue to use this site for advanced scientific research, education, and other endeavors helpful to the military mission. 
  • Bishop spearheaded an effort to augment funding for nuclear modernization. The bulk of this work will be accomplished at Hill AFB. Orbital ATK is also vying for the solid rocket motor portion of the project.