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Bishop Issues Response to Report Released Today by U.S. Department of Interior

June 11, 2009
Press Release



Washington,D.C. –Congressman Rob Bishop (UT-1) issued the following statement in response to a report released today by the Department of Interior detailing Secretary Salazar's plans to prevent the reinstatement of oil and gas leases scrapped during his first weeks as Secretary.
"Today's report, like the initial decision back in February, is based purely on politics.  Once again, Secretary Salazar has demonstrated that taking orders from environmental special interest groups is more important than making decision based on facts. 
"While the report tries to take the tone of moderation, it actually throws dedicated Bureau of Land Management (BLM) employees under the bus and continues to perpetuate inaccuracies about the seven-year comprehensive, open and public land management planning process.
"Worst of all, this decision destroys and imperils hundreds of jobs in my state and directly harms the schoolchildren of Utah. 
"This is simply unacceptable.  The Secretary of Interior has failed.  We need a new approach towards a comprehensive energy policy if we really want this country to turn the corner on job creation and a flourishing American economy. 
"Unfortunately, Utahans do not have the luxury of waiting for Washington to change its policies.
"I will continue doing everything in my power to fight for the hundreds of people who are harmed by Secretary Salazar and the politically motivated, wrong-headed, energy decisions emerging from this Administration."