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Bishop Votes Against Joint Resolution

February 26, 2019
Press Release
“This resolution is another political ploy.”

WASHINGTON – The House of Representatives voted on H.J. Res. 46 relating to a national emergency declared by the President on February 15, 2019. Rep. Rob Bishop (UT-01) voted against the resolution and issued the following statement:

“I voted against this resolution because it does nothing to solve the issue of border security or properly limit executive overreach. Bringing this vote to the floor is nothing more than a political stunt.

“I don’t think the President should have been forced to make this emergency declaration, but I do recognize his legal power to do so. Congress ceded this power to the President in 1976, and they were wrong.

“Congressional Democrats could have avoided this problem by adequately funding border security, but for political purposes, they did not. This resolution is another political ploy. 

“I would encourage my colleagues to actually formulate legislation that will reform the National Emergencies Act to permanently limit the potential for presidential overreach. Not just for this President, but for all those who follow.”