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Bishop Votes Twice to Pay Federal Workers

January 24, 2019
Press Release
“Federal workers ought not shoulder the burden of Washington politics.”

WASHINGTON – On January 23rd, The House of Representatives voted on a measure that would immediately issue paychecks to all federal employees. Rep. Bishop (R-UT) voted FOR the Motion to Recommit H.J. Res. 648. On January 24th, Bishop voted FOR another measure which called for the immediate delivery of paychecks to all employees of the Department of Homeland Security.* These measures each failed to pass the House. Bishop has released the following statement: 

These GOP measures represent a passionate way of addressing the plight of the furloughed and unpaid government employee. Federal workers ought not shoulder the burden of Washington politics. These measures should have passed. Paychecks should be going out.

“I want the government open and I want to provide for border security. This is not an either/or question. We can have both. We should have both.

“Before the shutdown, a majority of members in both the House and Senate were supportive of measures to fully fund the government and secure the border. It is thanks to the misguided threat of a filibuster by a minority of senators that we are in today’s situation. To end the present shutdown, we need the support of Speaker Pelosi. To prevent them in the future, we must abolish the filibuster rule.”

*The Department of Homeland Security includes the Transportation Security Administration, Customs and Border Protection, Citizenship and Immigrations Services, Immigration Customs Enforcement, Secret Service, Federal Emergency Management Agency, and the U. S. Coast Guard among others.