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Congressman Rob Bishop

Representing the 1st District of Utah

Congressman Bishop Comments on State of the Union Speech

March 23, 2007
Press Release
 Republican Congressman Rob Bishop responded tonight to the State of the Union address by President George W. Bush.  Some of his comments are below:

"There were many issues touched on tonight.  But there are principles that remain the same for this President: freedom, faith, and family.  He has reminded us that, on issue after issue, we will do what Americans have always done: build a better, safer, and stronger world for our children and grandchildren.

"There always seems to be one constant element with President Bush, and it was evident again tonight.  Going beyond the text and words of the speech, you can sense the commitment President Bush has to the future of our country and our kids.  More than his style and more than the general subject matters, his vision, I think, is the trait that allowed a majority of the country to trust him with another term.  President Bush has the ability to not focus just on the narrow issues happening today, but to focus on how to make America even better for our children.  Whether it's improving Social Security or helping to spread democracy around the world, the motivation is the same: to make America a safer, stronger, and better place than when we inherited it.

"Besides outlining a broad vision, President Bush touched on an impressive litany of domestic issues that will move America forward.  He laid out an aggressive agenda that included among other things strengthening social security, trimming the budget, limiting frivolous lawsuits, increasing health care, reforming immigration, and developing a national energy policy.  I look forward to working with him to turn these ideas into realities that will benefit all Americans.

"Finally, the President reminded us of a consistent foreign policy that is working.  We have witnessed historic days in Afghanistan and Iraq, and his dedication to spreading freedom and democracy around the globe is producing results.  America has the best military in the world and our fighting men and women deserve more thanks and credit than this nation and the world can give."