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Rob Bishop Rolls Out Comprehensive Energy Plan

June 27, 2008
Press Release

Joined by members of the Congressional Western Caucus, a bicameral group of western members and leaders on energy issues, Congressman Rob Bishop (R-Utah) today introduced the "Americans for American Energy Act," a comprehensive energy bill designed to help American consumers and increase domestic energy security through conservation, production, and innovation.

The "Americans for American Energy Act", or H.R. 6384, proposes a 12-step program of financial and regulatory incentives to encourage the production of more American energy from virtually all resources and technologies.  It also allocates revenues generated from increased domestic production to fund conservation and efficiency efforts.  In addition, the bill would help establish a steady funding source for the research, development and deployment of next generation energy technologies.

"The American people need some relief from pain at the pump, and they overwhelmingly support reducing our reliance on foreign energy," Congressman Bishop said.  "We can accomplish both goals with a comprehensive approach that will encourage conservation, allow for increased production of all forms of American energy, and tap into American innovation to reduce costs.  I really think that the Americans for American Energy Act is the most comprehensive bill introduced this Congress that lets us develop the resources we have right here in the States and maps out a plan to wean us off our reliance on foreign energy."

According to sources within the Western Caucus, U.S. consumption of oil has doubled since the 1970's, while domestic oil production has fallen nearly 40 percent.  The U.S. will send roughly $500 billion overseas this year to import energy.

"There's no question that America has clearly become addicted to foreign energy," Congressman Bishop commented.  "But there is no reason we can't break that addiction, and help out all Americans, by tapping the resources we have here."

Referencing that addiction problem, members of the Western Caucus pointed out that it may be no coincidence that the Bishop energy legislation contains 12 sections, or a 12-step addiction recovery plan.

The 12 steps to greater energy independence as outlined in H.R. 6384 are to:

1. Increase the Supply of Affordable, Domestically-Produced Natural Gas

2. Promote Responsible Development of American Oil Resources

3. Develop America's Largest Untapped Energy Resource: Oil Shale

4. Utilize America's 200-Year Coal Supply

5. Increase the Use of Clean and Affordable Nuclear Power

6. Invest in Domestic Renewable Resources

7. Promote Greater Energy Efficiency and Conservation

8. Increase America's Gasoline Refining Capacity

9. Adopt Common-Sense Regulatory Relief and Tax Reform

10. Improve America's Transmission and Energy Infrastructure Systems

11. Restore Our Domestic Energy Workforce

12. Tap American Ingenuity & Innovation to Develop New Energy Technologies       

The legislation, which was unveiled at a Capitol Hill ceremony today where members of Congress signed a Declaration of American Energy Independence, has already been co-sponsored by more than two dozen other lawmakers and runs some 215 pages long.

"There's no single silver bullet to solve our energy problems," Congressman Bishop said.  "But I think this bill which focuses on conservation, production, and innovation, can be the consensus, comprehensive answer America needs right now."