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Congressman Rob Bishop

Representing the 1st District of Utah

What They're Saying...…about the President’s Plans for NASA

April 16, 2010
Press Release
General Robert Kehler, U.S. Air Force Space Command said just this week that some of his chief concerns [about NASA's Constellation Cancellation which terminates the Ares Rocket] were a "fragile industrial base" and an acquisition process that is far too slow and cumbersome to field new leaps ahead [in] technologies in a timely manner. He added that he is "not comfortable" with the state of the U.S. space enterprise or its ability to maintain America's place as the number one player in space.  – Defense News, 4/13/10

Neil Armstrong, Former Astronaut and First Man to Walk on the Moon, broke years of silence to say, "….the accompanying decision to cancel the Constellation program, its Ares I and Ares V rockets, and the Orion spacecraft, is devastating…..It appears that we will have wasted our current $10 –plus billion investment in Constellation and, equally importantly, we will have lost the many years required to recreate the equivalent of what we will have discarded"…– Letter to President Obama, 4/12/10

General Kevin Chilton, Commander U.S. Strategic Command, stated…. "If NASA drops SRMs (solid rocket motors) from its new family of rockets, the capability could disappear…. You have to look to the future…. You can't gap those capabilities." – Air Force Magazine, 1/22/10

Air Force General Les Lyles, (ret.)-Member of Augustine Panel-- "I'm a rocket engineer, a rocket scientist. I'm a big, big believer in the need for rocket technology, so I personally want to see Ares 1 going and the program going as it's currently structured," –  Space News, 10/20/09