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Press Releases

February 28, 2019 Press Release
“This legislation is a fundamental dismissal of the 2ndAmendment. The removal of this protective provision opens the door to arbitrary bureaucratic delays which can do nothing but restrict a basicAmerican right.”
February 27, 2019 Press Release
“… politics ought never trump the Constitution.”
This bill addresses a fabricated threat and makes criminals out of the innocent. This equates to nothing more than a false sense of security promoted by those who refuse to address real threats to safety. Congress should turn its attention to finding ways to protect society from criminals. Instead, this farcical effort betrays the 2ndAmendment and would have done nothing to prevent the tragic mass shootings of recent years. Safety ought to trump politics and politics ought never trump the Constitution.
February 26, 2019 Press Release
“The number of Utah victories in this lands package will do more for the people …”
The number of Utah victories in this lands package will do more for the people of Utah than Congress has delivered in a long time. This legislation will expand access to public lands, while also shrinking the size of the federal estate. There are wins for America’s sportsmen, hunters, and fishermen.
February 26, 2019 Press Release
“This resolution is another political ploy.”
I voted against this resolution because it does nothing to solve the issue of border security or properly limit executive overreach. Bringing this vote to the floor is nothing more than a political stunt.
February 20, 2019 Press Release
“This is a logical step forward using the military branch that makes sense. It will enhance our military dominance. I will work with Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson to demonstrate the integral role that Hill AFB is poised to play given the thriving space and defense industry in northern Utah.”
January 24, 2019 Press Release
“Federal workers ought not shoulder the burden of Washington politics.”
These GOP measures represent a passionate way of addressing the plight of the furloughed and unpaid government employee. Federal workers ought not shoulder the burden of Washington politics. These measures should have passed. Paychecks should be going out.
January 24, 2019 Press Release
“Utah’s Hill Air Force Base remains one of my highest priorities.”
I am again honored to be nominated to serve on this important committee. Utah’s Hill Air Force Base remains one of my highest priorities. From this position, I will continue to keep Hill’s strategic importance at the forefront of our decision-making.
January 11, 2019 Press Release
Reps. Bishop, Stewart, & Curtis Behind Sens. Lee & Romney
"We are pleased with our Senate colleagues for this gesture. For too long, Utah has been vulnerable to the whims of Washington. Decisions for Utah should be made by Utahns. Who best knows the state than those who depend on Utah lands for their livelihoods?"
January 8, 2019 Press Release
This shutdown impasse is entirely due to the misuse of the Senate filibuster. It’s not complicated, America should have secure borders. This is something Democrats have supported for years, until recently. Now they insist on playing political games over 1/10th of 1% of government spending. Let’s end this impasse, secure our border, and reopen the government.
January 6, 2019 Press Release
I am immensely grateful to the Administration for the decision to restore services at our national parks in the midst of this shutdown. Oftentimes, grandstanding and theater can distract us from the important governmental task of providing safety and security. This decision will enhance safety and add protections to all those who choose to recreate in Utah’s parks.”